Anonymous: Is it possible to recover 100%? I'm healthy and i am better at eating spontaneously etc but i still feel like i think about food a lot..even when i'm stuffed i think about the next time i'll eat even though i've been in recovery for 2 years :/ x

I do believe it is possible. I do.

Are you weight restored? Do you still see doctors and therapists?

I personally believe it is possible to be 98% recovered. You might always think about the upcoming meals but it should get better. I would hope it does. For me I never think about lunch which is nice.
Would you mind explaining ur situation a bit more to me?

Anonymous: I meant if you ate full fat dairy products when you were in the weight restoration process? I realise you don't now but did you when you were in the process of getting healthy?

Yes I did

Anonymous: How long does it take for you to start being able to recognize that you're hungry before it gets to the point where you feel sick?

Hmm well
Try to eat every 4hrs as a minimum. I never EVER go more than 4hrs without eating.

It can take some time to learn your body again and it is different for everyone. Just be patient.

This has gotta be my favourite snack! I mean who doesn’t like yogurt? And bananas and blueberries? Perfect! 
I got into a baby funk after Fockey because I didn’t play well and people talked about not eating breakfast and this upsets me a lot. Regardless after hanging with my mum and watching our soap opera (Bold and the Beauitful) I was in a much better place 😊
Anonymous: are chest pains normal through recovery

No. Chest pains are NEVER normal and should ALWAYS be brought to a doctors attention.

Anonymous: wat do chest pains in recovery mean

bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad things.

Not to scare you.
But bad things.
I would say you MUST go get an EKG or some type of heart scan. A lot of people who go through anorexia can get FLUID in their heart or LUNGS! This would mean DEATH in your SLEEP. It’s VERY dangerous.

It could also mean you have LOW blood pressure and LOW heart rate - this means YOU WILL DIE IN YOUR SLEEP.


Anonymous: I have anorexia and depression, my depression is pretty bad. My dad told me that I don't have anything to be sad about which really upset er so im just wondering if you have any advice that you could give me to make him understand? You are my role model btw xx

Oh wow thank you

Okay so: Depression can be Pre-existing before an ED. However when an ED starts your depression will be MAGNIFIED! I mean that. People who don’t have depression Pre-ed WILL have ED induced depression during recovery. It is inevitable. Explain to him that depression is a neurological illness. It has nothing to do with your life in general. People don’t need to have crappy things happen to them in order to be depressed. Look at Robin Williams for example (God bless his soul).
Do some research on depression and show him the facts. Parents normally respond the best to facts from online sources than from what their children say. Also if you see a therapist consider asking them of you can do a family session.

Good luck love.
And remember: you ARE worth it

Anonymous: wat is refeeding syndrome?? I increased from 600-700 cals to 1600 overnight... im scared now :(

Noo that’s fine. If you increase from 600 to 3000 overnight would shock ur system a bit much.
You are fine!

Anonymous: Hi do you think you could give some suggestions on how many calories I need for recovery? I'm really struggling since I'm not underweight but I am borderline underweight and I don't really feel like I'm sick enough for recovery. Sorry for rambling

Hey darling I just answered a question on this. If a doctor says that you are not underweight then focus on getting therapy for your ED and nutrition counseling.

If you are underweight by even a little you need to gain so you are say 4-6.6 lbs above the minimum standard.

Anonymous: *TW* How many calories should I be having for recovery if I'm right at the underweight mark?

Hey sweetie
Okay so I personally believe that people should ALWAYS be 2-3kg or 4.4-6.6lbs above the minimum healthy weight. It’s safe for people with ED’s because if they loose even a tad bit of weight ur can spiral their mind which is why you wouldn’t want to instantly become underweight again. So do gain the weight by eating 2600 cals.

People should be able to maintain on 2200 calories MINIMUM.