Because FUCK the voices. 
I woke up this morning and I went to be last night with a new mindset. 
I’m changing. 
I’m going to have a normal life. 
I won’t be restricted by my brain. 
I will enjoy myself. 
So fuck it. 
I want to have a more dense breakie and unknown cal breakie today? Then FINE I will.

It’s French toast btw
Anonymous: hiii mary! i know you're getting a lot of messages about periods and such and i feel bad for adding onto it, but i was just wondering if you know how long a girl can go without her period (when she previously had it) before it gets serious (as in negative consequences)? thanks a bunch xo

I don’t mind it at all!
Hmm well to be honest after 3 months it starts to have a serious toll on your body!



Ladies, if you think your man is cheating. Take him to that bitches front door and see if his wifi connects.


Imagine Dragons - The Radioactive Fox (feat. Ylvis)



Get it because it’s a CELL WALL

oh my god

As an AP Bio student I laughed more than I should have at this
Anonymous: That's what happens when you bake with a disordered mind and try make everything "healthy". It doesn't work.

I’m offended right now
I’m aware that that is what happens
However I followed a recipe that I have seen works and only changed the type of flour and type of sugar because of what I had on hand.

I didn’t opt out or remove any of the ingredients. Don’t assume.

Anonymous: I've been in recovery for a couple of weeks now and for the past week I've been binging. I don't usually ever binge. What's going on with me?

I think the question is..
Are you REALLY binging?
Could you explain to me what happens