To all those
That think quasi is the answer to their lives
That feel like they’re doing just fine
And are convinced they’re happier than they ever could be
Were they to fully recover

Your disorder is lying to you
Because we all know that
Quasi panic
When your jeans feel that freshly washed tightness
Or you’re invited to that unplanned party
With unplanned people
And unplanned food

When the portion on the container
Of your newest challenge
Is so small it makes you cry
Because you know it won’t even touch the sides of your stomach
But doubling it is out of the question
Because have you seen the fat content?

And that deep inner sadness
We all know too well
That comes from staring at those photos on tumblr
Of those perfect, tanned and THIN girls
Living their colourful and frivolous lives

Or heck even those on Facebook
Of the friends that were once yours
Out and living
In Burger King at 3am
Drunk as skunks and high as kites
With smiles on their faces
Wider than yours has ever seen,
Or at least since you got sick

So I hope having read this
You put the scales
Or the tape measure
Or whatever is controlling you down
And take you first breath of freedom
And pour that unmeasured bowl of cereal
Or glass of wine
As you embark on your endeavor
To rediscover your soul

It will be hard
You may gain weight
But you will glow
Like a 6am summer sunrise
And laugh with the tunefulness of a
Canary bird

You will be part of the 3am Burger King runs
Too drunk to stand up

But most of all
That screaming that’s been in the back of your mind
For as long as you can remember
Will finally quieten down
This will be your final battle
And you will be victorious

- An ode to quasi (via bus-stopdiaries)




This is what happens when a smoker quits. Pass it on.

This is so important

How does this not have more notes?! Seriously, take the time to read this because it could save a life. Or SEVERAL.

I like this better than the anti-smoking advertisements on TV that try to scare the shit out of you.




dudes i met our leader

king and queen of the internet
Anonymous: Are you going to start intakes again soon?

I just did one! Haha coincidence or what?

Meet my biggest meal that I overcame last week. 
I ordered 3 different types of sushi (okay I hated the bottom right) and I really enjoyed it. When I was making the order I was nervous as heck and my mind kept running back and forth like crazy!!! 
Meanwhile during the day I managed to snack on a bite of chocolate and licorice and strawberries that weren’t even part of a “main meal or snack”. This has made me VERY proud! School is stressing me out but otherwise I’m doing well
Anonymous: I can't eat by myself:((( I starve until it's time to eat with the fam/ mum is hungry/ mum is home. I'm in the finally stage but I find this SSOOOO difficult. How do I overcome this?!? Like I'm desperate!!

Hi sweetheart - hm, okay.
This will be a slower process but you have to ween yourself.
Start off by eating by yourself when your mother is home. Sit it a different room.
Next time, when she is out challenge yourself to eat snack whilst texting her back and forth.
Then text her once at the beginning and end of meal whilst watching TV.
Then BAM! You’ve got it!
I’m so proud xxx